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The PDF birth registration will allow you to register with inclusive parental titles mother, father, parent , register one, two, three or four parents, register a birth through surrogacy, and register a child with a single name if your child is eligible. The registration does not require a court order as long as you meet all the legal requirements. If you do not meet all the legal requirements, you can still pursue a declaration of parentage, which is a court order. More information is below. The registration does not require a court order as long as all parents agree and your child is registered with up to four parents at the time of their birth.

If your child was not registered with all their parents at their birth, you can still pursue a declaration of parentage, which is a court order. You can register a baby with a last name different from the parent s if all parents agree , by completing one of the forms below:. Office of the Registrar General P. The latest information we have available from ServiceOntario indicates a 16 week process for birth registration using the paper form, although actual wait times vary.

The online form to order birth certificates has not yet been updated to reflect the changes in birth registration. All three are valid identification, but they include different information. Some passport applications require a long form birth certificate. If you are unsure which one you will need, please check with the Ministry, government agency, or person requesting the document before you order.

Most families will need a long form birth certificate for their child in some situations, but a short form birth certificate is used for every day purposes, and the new birth certificate with parental information will be useful at other times. You will probably want to order all three. A short form birth certificate includes basic information and can be used as identification.

Order a birth certificate or document |

It includes this information:. The birth certificate with parental information includes all the basic information from the short form birth certificate and can be used as identification. LGBTQ parents are more likely to encounter situations where they need a long form birth certificate to prove their relationship to their child. To order the Birth Certificate with Parental Information, you will need to write on the bottom of page one of the form. Note: sending a personal cheque will result in an additional delay of 10 business days 2 weeks until the cheque has cleared for payment.

Visit any Service Ontario location with your form. Bring your printed form with you, in case your closest Service Ontario does not have the updated forms yet. Do not be surprised if staff helping you at ServiceOntario have not been informed that it is available. The Social Insurance Number SIN is a nine-digit number that you need to work in Canada or to have access to government programs and benefits. If you are a Canadian citizen, a newcomer to Canada, or a temporary resident, you need a Social Insurance Number SIN to work in Canada or to receive benefits and services from government programs.

A SIN is issued to one person only and it cannot legally be used by anyone else. You are responsible for protecting your SIN. Service Canada is now issuing SINs on a paper letter, and has stopped issuing plastic cards. I had a kid at the beginning of August. I had his birth certificate in less than a month. I just applied for my replacement last week, got it this week.

Brand new vs replacement, one is probably just clicking something like "Reprint" where the other requires information to entered and double checked. I assume. My daughter was born on the 15th of September. I did the 4 in 1 registration on the 16th. My wife just texted me that her birth certificate arrived today.

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Something is wrong with your paperwork. I would call back. You need that one for a passport. ServiceOntario seems to be having a lot of problems lately. I ordered license plate stickers online and they never arrived.

Lost or stolen Birth Certificate

Same thing happened with my father in law. Now imagine this but for more important things like ODSP, etc. A simple mistake on a check and people are actually homeless.

It's really annoying and things seem to get worse and worse. Search Search CP24 X. Home All Videos Milestones. Backlog of months to obtain birth certificates frustrates Ontario parents A polymer long-form birth certificate issued by the Ontario government is shown. Chris Herhalt, CP In response, Service Ontario noted there is a backlog. Another month went by and Vrablik said he heard nothing. By then, he said he concluded it was best to voice his frustration on social media. News Tips Report Errors. Top Videos false. Brothers murdered in Brampton identified.

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How do I apply for a birth certificate for my Canadian-born child?

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