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Regards, Shailendra.

Command BarCombo Box Properties - Excel VBA

So incase a cell is selected and then user tries to Insert a row, i am selecting the whole row through code and then using the code you suggested and it works fine. And then put the following method in the code behind public void myRowInsert Office. So since there are many ways for user to do this, i am trying to set a flag on every such event. Then in the Application.

Then i will take corresponding action. I have tried setting cancelDefault to False. But still the code flow stops at the method myRowInsert. It does not hit Application. SheetChange event when the row is inserted. I have defined functions in the following way. But, whats happening is that if i dont define any other methods apart from myRowInsert , then the row insert works fine.

But if i define any other method like myColumnInsert , the code inside the method does get executed, and also control goes to Sheet Change event, but the sheet does not change, i. I am trying to find if i can tweak the code any more, but can you please let me know if i am doing anything wrong. I have noticed one more thing. If i am selecting the complete row or column and then clicking on the menu option Insert Sheet Rows or Insert Sheet Columns , then it is working fine.

But if i am selecting only a cell and then clikcing on the menu option, thats when the events are fired, but the rows or columns are not inserted. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Learn more.

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Customization Code

Answered by:. Visual Studio Development. Microsoft Office for Developers. Sign in to vote. The reason i need this is, i want to capture the event for delete and insert of rows or columns in excel.

Referencing command bar and control objects in Access

One way i have found is capturing the ID's of these buttons and then write my own events on click of these buttons. I wrote an event in a case where we select a row and then right click and select Delete. Wednesday, January 14, PM. Hi Shailendra OK, found some time to dig into this Excel isn't "my" application, so I need to experiment.

Working through the object model and identifying which object is at every level is the key to correctly referencing objects so you can manipulate them via Visual Basic for Applications VBA code. In this article, I'll consistently apply the same syntax to the different levels of the model so you can see both visually and programmatically how to interact with the model levels. Referencing the right library To interact with the command bar object model, you must reference the appropriate library.

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Then check the Microsoft Office Click OK to close the References dialog box. The CommandBar object: Level one Each menu bar, toolbar, and pop-up menu is a CommandBar object that consists of a collection of control objects. The menu bar—named Menu Bar —is actually the current menu bar in any particular view, and each view has just one. Each menu command on the menu bar performs a task or presents a submenu. In contrast, a view can present many toolbars, which then present buttons and tools, that perform a task when clicked.

The menu bar and toolbars don't look the same, but underneath what you see, they're both the same type of object—the CommandBar object. Cycling through the CommandBars collection, which represents all the CommandBar objects for a particular application, is a simple task. First, this simple function returns the number of CommandBar objects in the collection, which in our example is , as you can see in Figure A. The list is actually very long; Figure A displays only the first few items.

It then lists each object by name, specifies whether it's enabled or disabled True and False, respectively , and identifies the object by type. Figure A List all the CommandBar objects in an application. Figure B List information about each control on a specific menu bar, toolbar, or pop-up control. Figure C List of submenu items.


Figure D Disable a menu item. Figure E Disable submenu items.

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