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Hitler also said that the business bourgeoisie "know nothing except their profit. Another radical Nazi, Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels had stressed the socialist character of Nazism, and claimed in his diary in the s that if he were to pick between Bolshevism and capitalism, he said "in final analysis", "it would be better for us to go down with Bolshevism than live in eternal slavery under capitalism.

Of course, it was to a greater or lesser extent a sham in Paraguay during the Stroessner the question of "cohabitation" of fascism with parliamentary democracy was solved simply and elegantly: in the country has a military regime, except for one day - election day. In order to facilitate the creation of regimes "induced fascism" in third world countries the army, police and intelligence services have turned into some kind of fascist parties without the parties themselves and Nazi ideology became part of indoctrination in those organizations. In hindsight, after the military coup in Chile, it became clear that the diehard fascists in the Chilean army were much father to the right then the "civilian" fascist organizations in Chile.

Same thing became clear in hindsight in relation to the Brazilian police and military counterintelligence. So, the regime of Somoza in Nicaragua planted by the USA, ideologically was close to European fascism, and even helped the Uruguayan fascists to prepare their coup - and at the same time acted as a strategic US ally in the region and was formally at war with the "Axis powers". The British labor party denounced Churchill for his support in Greece "monarchist fascists" and "Nazi collaborators", but when they came in to power, themselves supported by the same "monarch-fascist" and "Nazi collaborators".

The political views of the "new right" coincided with the views of practitioners of neoliberalism in the era of Reaganomics and Thatcherism.

The Most Interesting and Unusual Facts on the Net

Not by chance the Pinochet regime a classic example of "induced, puppet fascism" is characterized as "Militant Thatcherism". Even the fundamental views publicly expressed by Thatcher and Pinochet, were often identical e. Fortuyn in the Netherlands, the freedom Party. Haider in Austria, etc.

Jack of Many Trades

Other cases pre-war neofascism was monarchist far right regimes developed in countries of Eastern Europe. Rapid inclusion of these parties and regimes in the orbit of Italian and German influences have masked their identity, on the one hand, and did not allow them to develop into independent phenomenon. There can me multiple fascism movements in the same country.

In France before the war all three classic brand of fascism were well represented: French version of the Italian fascism "francism", etc. Sometimes the supporters of the different flavors of fascism fight with each other. Dollfuss, and ended the fight by smashing austrofascism and initiating the Anschluss.

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In Romania, the confrontation between supporters of Italian fascism and Nazism - "seleniumselenium", "jeleznovodask", Antonescu and Horia SIMA - has resulted in mutual mass terror. After World war II the Western ruling elite has never repeated his pre-war mistakes and understood that fascism is a tricky bet in the fight against social revolution.


All post-war fascist regimes relied on mass movements. Such movements were outlawed in most Western countries. As neofascism has a lot of common features with far right nationalism it is very difficult to say when one ends and another starts. Those terms can be used as synonyms, but I would suggest that neofascism is a specific flavor of far right nationalism that has anti-financial oligarchy bent.

It is a more "socialist" version of far right nationalism and always was. So far right nationalism a more generic term then neofascism: all neofascists are far right nationalists, but the reverse is not true. Typically neofascism movements are a more radical, more anti-democratic, more statist than an "average" far right nationalism movements. Like for example neoconservatives in the USA. Also neofascism has a certain flavor of "victimhood" which far right nationalism does not necessary possesses.

What is clear that there is a much larger political space for far right nationalist movements then for neofascist movements in modern societies.

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The backlash against neoliberal globalization now mainly take the form of far right nationalism, but not necessarily neo-fascism: many such far right movement are completely devoid of the hostility to financial oligarchy and unearned income. So it's given that far right movements and their more specific case -- neofascism -- have many common features, many similarities:.

A perception is manufactured that opposition to the power elite is tantamount to an attack on religion. Griffin, who is a professor of history and political theory at Oxford Brookes University, puts it best: "You can be a total xenophobic racist male chauvinist bastard and still not be a fascist. Like communists, classic fascists promote violence as a legitimate political tool, but this is less true about neofascist. Classic fascism, Payne says, requires. Fascism makes violence not just a political strategy, but also a philosophical principle.

For fascists "war is the health of the nation". That's mentality is unique to fascism. This feature is reduced and subdued in neofascism, but still is present. This goes well beyond typical far right nationalism views on religion. But those two trends can happily co-exists. The idea of rejuvenation of the nation also is typical for both. But look more closely at the way Trump talks about rejuvenating America:. These statements are much closer to the "I want my soccer team to win" version of patriotism — and much more concerned with the qualities of Donald Trump as the leader, than America the nation.

Essentially this campaign is directed toward conditioning people to view "lower classes" as a category of cattle, much like in slavery. This tendency of "blaming poor" is definitely a defining trend of modern day US neoliberalism. And that's as close to fascism as one can get.

Socialism in national socialism exists only for Ubermensch.

And for them and for them only it does contain almost all major socialist elements. The National Socialist Program originated at a DAP congress in Vienna, then was taken to Munich , by the civil engineer and theoretician Rudolf Jung , who, having explicitly supported Hitler, had been expelled from Czechoslovakia , because of his political agitation.

In neofascism unrestricted violence, terror against "inferior people" is subdued. As the criteria nationality is often but not completely replaced with culture and especially the national language language nationalism and is directed almost exclusively to foreigners, immigrants and national minorities who continue to use "wrong" language because it is their mother tongue for example, Russians in case of Far Right Forces in Ukraine.

In neoliberalism nationality is replaced by "creative abilities", which are understood as the ability of capital accumulation and self-enrichment. In cultural variant of neofascism the language and culture replace the race as a defining point of "belonging", and the key distinction between "Arian race" and Untermensch.

hair information mesotherapy regrowth.

Replacement of nationality with the cultural identity makes it closer to ultra-right republicanism as exists in the USA. It is also clearly visible in Ukrainian far right movement:. But all-in-all neofascism remains just a mutation of classic fascist ideology yuricareport. Call it Pseudo Fascism. Or, if you like, Fascism Lite. Happy-Face Fascism. Postmodern Fascism. Unlike the genuine article, it presents itself under a normative, rather than a revolutionary, guise ; and rather than openly exulting in violence, it pays lip service to law and order.

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  • Moreover, even in the areas where it resembles real fascism, the similarities are often more familial than exact. It is, in essence, less virulent and less violent, and thus more likely to gain broad acceptance within a longtime stable democratic system like that of the United States.

    Branson's agricultural almanac: for the year of our Lord ... .

    It is important to understand that neofascism inherited the major traits of fascism connected with creating a scapegoat nationality or anti-immigration sentiments, often induced by actual misbehavior of immigrants such a rapes, beating of people by criminal gangs, etc or large influx of immigrant from other nation in economic crisis Immigrants in Europe, Russia, to lesser extent in other "countries of immigrants" such as USA, Australia, Canada, etc. At certain stages it can actually "return to the roots" and adopt violence as the key form of dealing with the opponents see EuroMaidan.

    The key element of any flavor of fascist ideology is rejection of liberalism and opposition to the parliamentary system and liberal democracy and implicitly to the rule of law. It is the cult of "strong hand" the makes it similar to authoritarism. While officially neofascists parties no longer endorses violence as a chief means to silence the opposition, they often resort to it as a temporary mean to achieve their goals, and, especially, to come to power.