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There are a number of ways you can request a copy of your birth certificate and you can choose whichever method best suits your needs. If you are going to request your birth certificate through the mail or in person then you should see the instructions on making a request in person or through the mail. If you are going to request your birth certificate online, you should see the instructions on how to make a request online. Gather the required information. Once you have decided what format you would like your birth certificate to take, and how you will be requesting your records, you will have to gather the information necessary to place your order.

You should do this before beginning the ordering process because some of this information may take some time to find or obtain.

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If you are ordering in person or through the mail, you will have to obtain the correct form corresponding to the type of request you are making. For all normal requests i. If you would like to expedite your request, you will need to use this form. Regardless of how you are ordering your birth certificate, you will need your full name; the city or county where your birth took place; the full name of the father on the birth certificate, if available; the maiden name of your mother, if available; your current photo identification; and your social security number.

Fill out the appropriate form. To begin the process, take the appropriate form you gathered in Part 1 and fill it out. Regardless of whether you are using the standard form or the expedited form , you will need to fill in certain general information. You will start by checking the box indicating you would like a birth certificate. Include a copy of your photo identification. Before you send in your application through the mail, or before you take your completed application to the Department of State Health Services, you will need either a photocopy of your photo identification if you are mailing your request or the identification itself if you are requesting in person.

Send in the application or take it to the designated location along with the required fee. Once you have filled out your request form and obtained your photo identification or valid alternatives, you will have to send in your materials, or take them to the designated location in person, and pay the required fee. If you are making a request through the mail, you will send in your completed request form, a photocopy of your photo identification, and a check or money order in the appropriate amount.

Box , Austin, TX Receive copies of your birth certificate. After you mail in your request or make the request in person, you will receive your birth certificate after your request has been processed.

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If you requested your birth certificate in person, you can expect your order to be processed in about 30 minutes. Visit the Texas government website for obtaining vital records. To start your online ordering process, visit this website. This government website provides you with the ability to request Texas Vital Records, including birth certificates.

Follow the on-screen instructions. Once you reach the website, you should read the instructions and information on the opening page. Once you have done so, you will click the 'continue' button at the bottom of the page and start your request. The first step will involve choosing what type of record you will be requesting.

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Choose 'birth certificate' from the drop-down screen and then click 'continue'. Then you will read the information on the next screen, which will give you an idea of how much records will cost and what information you will need to make your request. You will need to provide your photo identification state of issuance, your relationship to the individual named on the birth certificate, and the date of birth on the birth certificate. Once you have provided this information, click the 'continue' button. On this screen you will provide information about your identity the person requesting the records , which will include your name, date of birth, social security number, identification number, and your address.

When you are making your request online, you will not have to provide a photocopy of your photo identification, instead you will have to provide your identification's state of issuance as well as your identification number. Now you will need to provide the information about the record you are requesting, which will include the name on the birth certificate, the date of birth, the father's full name, the mother's maiden name, and the city or county where the birth took place.

Towards the end of this page, you will need to indicate how many copies you would like to order, as well as what type of copies you want. Pay the required fee. Once you have completed and verified the information necessary to make the request, you will checkout and pay the required fee.

You can pay using a credit or debit card through the government website.

Birth Certificate

After you have requested a copy of your birth certificate and paid the required fees, you will receive your birth certificate at the address you provided in your application. Your request will usually be processed within business days. What if I have no form of identification, but I need a copy of my child's birth certificate?

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Usually, you do not need I. Yes No. Not Helpful 1 Helpful 2. Do I have to go back to the county where I was born to get a copy of my birth certificate? Not Helpful 2 Helpful 2.

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Not Helpful 4 Helpful 3. You can ask your local courthouse if they can provide you with a copy, but they may tell you that you need to contact the courthouse where you were born. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 0.

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