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  1. Adding an Email Account to Gmail
  2. Email overload? 19 tips for taking control of your inbox
  3. How Long Before a Yahoo! Account Goes Inactive? | It Still Works
  4. Set up Mail Fetcher to Receive Email from Other Accounts

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You can also choose to label incoming messages for the other account with a special label, so you can tell which messages they are in your Gmail inbox. NOTE: You can also set up a filter to move the messages to a label. See Lesson 4 more information.

Now, you have the choice of setting up Gmail to send mail as the other email address. Enter information about your other email address. Email messages received for your other email account display in your inbox unless you automatically archived them or moved them to a label with whatever label you assigned to them. The ability to access all your Gmail in almost any email program and on almost any device is handy. However, if you have a lot of email, you may not want to sync with everything, such as the All Mail folder that contains five gigabytes worth of email.

If you only want to access the messages in your Gmail inbox, and your email program does not allow you to unsubscribe IMAP folders, you can hide the folders, or labels, instead.

Adding an Email Account to Gmail

This stops mail in those labels from downloading. The next time you open your email program or check your Gmail account in the program sync with your account , the labels you hid will not be visible. You can also make checking your email in another email program using IMAP faster by limiting the number of messages visible in each label folder in Gmail IMAP, so your email program will have less to download, cache, and keep in sync.

When sending a new email message or replying to an email message, you can change which email address from which you want the message sent. NOTE: Mail Fetcher will stop retrieving new messages from the other email account, but any email that you previously received will remain in Gmail until you delete it.

A message displays saying the email account was removed.

If you continue to receive mail from your other account a few hours after disabling Mail Fetcher, your other account may be configured to automatically forward your mail. Please log into your other email account and check your automatic forwarding settings. Another option for receiving email from another account in your Gmail account is to have email automatically forwarded to your Gmail address from that account.

The method for setting up auto-forwarding will differ depending on your email account. Check with your email provider for details. These actions are simply pending, waiting for the next time an internet connection is available on that computer. Google's existence is built on its ability to search information well and to sell ads as a result of that search, of course. So, as you might expect, the search function in Gmail is incredibly powerful once you begin to get to grips with it. I won't list all of the search operators here — Google "list of gmail search operators" — but here's some advice for anyone with thousands of messages clogging up their inbox.

Then "Select all conversations that match this search", which will be every last email you've ever received up until two weeks ago. Finally, archive them all. They're all still there if you need to find them, but now they're not hanging over your head anymore. As with any software, learning some basic keyboards shortcuts will allow you to streamline your workflow by reducing the need to involve your mouse.

Email overload? 19 tips for taking control of your inbox

To find the full list of shortcuts, Google "Gmail keyboard shortcuts" but some basic ones include C for composing a new message, E for archiving a message and R to reply to a message. In future it will be child's play to remain connected to the internet at all times, but until then Gmail Offline is useful for working when you can't get online.

Any changes you make or emails you compose are automatically synced when you are reconnected to the internet. One way scammers attempt to steal your personal details is with emails that pretend to be from companies such as eBay. Gmail has a function that puts a little key icon beside emails that are from verified senders, giving you another piece of information to help you detect what is legitimate mail and what is an attempt to trick your information out of you.

While Gmail allows you to alter your email address with dots and plus signs, Outlook takes a slightly different approach, which is the creation of aliases associated with your core account.

Make a new contact for everyone you email in Yahoo Mail

An alias is a separate email address connected to your main address, using, for example, the same inbox and password. Outlook makes it easy to clear masses of emails with the Sweep function.

How Long Before a Yahoo! Account Goes Inactive? | It Still Works

Just by clicking on one email from a specific newsletter, for example, Sweep gives you the option of deleting all instances of that newsletter at the click of a button. Like Gmail, Outlook offers the ability to use keyboard shortcuts to streamline your email use. But unlike Gmail, Outlook offers you the opportunity to switch them to Yahoo or Gmail style shortcuts.

It's slightly less powerful than Gmail's fully customisable add-on, but perhaps more straightforward for a casual user.

Set up Mail Fetcher to Receive Email from Other Accounts

To create a new email you push N, but a full list can be found here. As with Outlook, Yahoo Mail allows you to create an alias that lets you disguise your email address when using Yahoo Messenger or Yahoo's message boards. In Yahoo's case, aliases are different to alternative email addresses, which function like Outlook's aliases, and disposable email addresses, which is closer to Gmail's dot and plus sign functionality. You can have only one alternative email address, which is basically another linked account, while you can have many disposable email addresses, which act as receiving addresses only.

If you're the kind of person who sometimes opens an email briefly without reading it or responding to it, Yahoo has a nifty little feature that will mark an email as "read" only if it has been opened for more than five seconds. If that's not long enough, you can set it to "never", so that you have to mark them as read manually. As with the other email services, iCloud also has email aliases. Functioning as additional email accounts that feed into your central account, the aliases help you conceal your real email address.

However, you can have only three active aliases at a time.

In case you want to retain your emails by default, you can replace the delete button with an archive button. A word of warning — this will become frustrating if spam makes up a significant proportion of your incoming email, denying you the satisfaction of hitting delete on unwanted mail. Like other email services, iCloud allows you to set up rules for incoming mail, helping to keep your main inbox clear.

You can either choose to automatically forward the mail, move it to a specific folder, or if you want in effect to block someone, send it straight to trash. This article contains affiliate links, which means we may earn a small commission if a reader clicks through and makes a purchase. All our journalism is independent and is in no way influenced by any advertiser or commercial initiative. By clicking on an affiliate link, you accept that third-party cookies will be set.