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Meanwhile, some rapists or murderers may have received sentences of less than 10 years -- simply because they were first-time offenders. This bill would ban permanent alimony altogether, and encourage temporary alimony to be in the smallest possible amount, for the shortest possible duration. The bill redefines how many years constitute short-, mid- and long-term marriages, and it imposes legal guidelines as to what alimony is appropriate for each.

Cases for exceptions would have to be proved to the Court. I wonder how many of those who co-sponsored this bill are divorced and have alimony obligations? Most often, women shoulder much more than half the child care responsibilities.

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Good for kids? I doubt it. There is the glimmer of a silver lining here: Florida Governor Rick Scott vetoed the bill earlier this month. But the only reason he expressed for doing so was that it was written to apply retroactively. However, having been in the business of helping women navigate financially complex divorces , I can assure you that alimony is far from obsolete. Florida is far from alone in its enthusiasm for drastic changes to alimony laws.

But I believe many of these measures go too far. Women with little or no income of their own seem to have few advocates in state legislatures largely controlled by men. You will have to keep trying. You may also want to try hand-delivery. At a certain point after you have made efforts to serve, you may be able to request permission for service by other means. All three methods are permissible. Which one will work better depends on your situation. You can try more than one method at the same time.

You must be file written proof of service, signed by the person who served the papers. Check out our calendar of legal clinics and resource centers! View all.

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Welcome to LawHelp. L aw H elp. Hide Visit. Text size: A A A. Search for resources and organizations in this language Advanced Search. Information What do I need to do after I file my divorce papers with the court? Who can hand the papers to my spouse? Anyone 18 or older -- but not you.

It can be a family member or a friend. You can hire someone to do it. You can hire anyone, or you can hire a professional process server. It cannot be you who hands the papers to your spouse. Can I give the papers to my spouse? You cannot do it. I cam to the USA with green card that i got it because of lottery. Hello, I am from Nigeria, got married five years ago but all these while i never lived with my wife for a month because of the nature of our jobs.

The court has granted her divorce. Prior to this, we had attended an interview based on the diversity lottery but we were denied. Now my mom a US citizen has filed for me her son, and her petition was approved, all documents required submitted. Am waiting for my interview date to be communicated to me.

I filed for divorce within 6 months of marriage.

Legally Accepted Reasons for Getting a Divorce

We never made a lease together, we have no bills together nor joint accounts. We only have some pictures together and we were never involved in any domestic violence issues. Can she still file the waiver and get her permanent residency? I have a friend who needs some answers. She never got her green card but the divorce is now final.

She is now married again and she wants to know if her new husband can file for her? My friend has been married for 2 years in FL before marriage she purchased a property in her name only …her husband moved to Canada for a job,but does not help her financially and she wants to divorce how does her situation stays as a resident since she has not got a green card which she does not want to wait because she does not want to be seen that was with him for the green card?

My Question is… Am from Ghana and I was once Married to a white American she was 20years older than me after we got married she went back to the states and Abandoned our marriage and I find out she was cheating on me with another man in the states.

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So I file for a Divorce while my divorce was in process I met my new wife on Facebook she is also White from the states and we where friends she came to visit me in Ghana and she went back to the states my divorce got approved after she left few days after and she came back in 5 months and we got married and she file a petition and we got approved by the USCIS after we got approved she came to Ghana again which makes it the 3rd time she was here.

I got married to a permanent residence of United states how ever my marriage ended and i did not get the invitation from the US. Now i want to apply for Student visa will this effect in getting student visa please help me. I have a friend who is seeking citizenship.

Ex Parte Divorce: When Only One Spouse Participates

He is the immigrant and his wife he finds out cannot have children. He has his SSN but not his green card yet. He is wanting to divorce her and marry someone else he fell in love with outside of their marriage. What will happen and what can he do to make a smooth transition? He will need to get his green card first. If the marriage does not have at least 2 years of celebrated it will be a Conditional Green Card.

He will need to provide his valid green card and show proof of a marriage in good faith if he wants to file for his citizenship based upon 3 years married and living together with his US. Can his green card be revoked?

Welcome to | A guide to free and low-cost legal aid and services in Washington, D.C.

Hi i have concern on my petition my husband is a green card holder and obtain because his father petition him and then meet a local girl in US they get married then after 7 years got divorced.. My concern is there any thing can affect my petition because he of the divorce he undergo with his exwife and make my petition longer to process?

Later, in the lady is now married to someone else with another child.

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Now, I av a sister who petitioned for me and all relevant fees have been paid, what is required is completing ds form. Now am confused as to what to fill as marital status in my ds form. Your urgent response,pls. I married my husband in July of , and two months later he moved out because I was taking my time with the process of getting his green card.

How to Apply for a Divorce

So he wants me to file for divorce. My question is can he get into some type of trouble for trying to use me, and why is he so afraid of filing for divorce since he is the one who left the marriage. Your website content is very useful for the people and also informative. Users really wants like that effective information which you given. I married to US citizen in back in my country.